We have a simple approach

Be open, honest and direct.

We start by asking questions - some of these might be obvious, some will challenge the norm. We need to understand how your business works, who your audience is and how we can influence their behaviour.

We listen, research and test. We excel at putting ourselves in your customer's shoes and learning what makes them tick.

We want to understand the bigger picture - what other marketing activities are planned, what are your long term goals and what ‘success’ looks like.

Then we’ll deliver a plan to achieve your goals.
A plan to create great work.
A plan that adds value.
A plan for now and for the future.

We make a difference

No buzzwords or jargon here. It’s just not in our nature. We believe our job is to help you cut through the nonsense and simply make a difference to your business.

We started 24sq in 2005 because we knew we could do better. We’ve been helping our clients create and deploy effective marketing plans ever since. We work with a wide range of clients; fashion to pharma, entertainment to ecommerce - across multiple channels and platforms in more than fifteen countries.

What we do


Clients love how we think. From putting bums on seats in London’s West End theatres to creating customised education programmes - our ideas engage, challenge and deliver.


Consumers are excited by our creativity. From crafting the identity of a global fashion powerhouse to re-launching a leading production music company, we design for some of the world’s most discerning companies.


Businesses rely on our systems. From delivering secure online shopping experiences to keeping patient data safe, we provide business critical functions to clients of all shapes and sizes.

Our business is built on long lasting relationships with our clients.

Our business is all about people.

The team in our studios and the relationships we’ve built with our clients. We’re a bunch of passionate planners, creatives and developers who come together to conceive ideas.

You won’t find egos, awkwardness or pretentiousness from us. We bring skills from all kinds of agencies and understanding of a wide range of industries. It’s these experiences over the last ten years, good and bad, have made us what we are today.