Identity design for Farfetch, an online community that unites fashion lovers with more than 400 independent boutiques around the world.

24SQ first worked with farfetch Founder José Neves in 2007 when he first came up with the business concept. We sat in a West End cafe sketching out identity ideas on the back of a notepad.

Our inspiration came from the kaleidoscope - ‘an observer of beautiful forms’ and ‘a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements’, which reflected the diversity of farfetch’s boutiques. The result was a unique font with a subtle appearance of the characters folding to reveal other colours. It stands out without dominating, letting the fashion attract all the attention.

Farfetch has gone from strength to strength with the company recently being valued at $1 billion. Our kaleidoscope concept is still the masthead for 'a fashion community for some of the world's top fashion curators'.